Adhering To Religious Customs In Divorce

Some divorcing couples want to work closely with a priest, rabbi or other spiritual leader in addition to a lawyer. The parties may wish to follow church regulations regarding divorce, which could require an attorney to communicate with the church leader in order to fully understand the steps required.

For example, under Jewish law, a couple that is divorcing must obtain a “get,” a dated and witnessed document that severs the bonds of matrimony. In a Get, the husband formally expresses his intention to end the marriage. It is written specifically for the parties seeking divorce.

A Catholic may seek an annulment in lieu of divorce. Catholic doctrine states that an annulment voids the marriage as if it never technically existed.

Your Faith Matters

Atlanta family law attorney Howard A. Gold understands that many people gain strength during the divorce process by consulting with their religious leaders. Mr. Gold’s experience working with priests, rabbis and other church figures from a variety of faiths helps ensure that any legal complications resulting from religious requirements are handled with skill and efficiency.

It is important to note that church laws do not nullify or veto Georgia laws regarding divorce or any aspect of divorce, including child custody. If you have questions about how the requirements of your faith will mesh with state laws regarding divorce, Howard A. Gold, P.C., can help. Call 404-692-6470 to schedule a consultation.

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