Life Changes May Require Post-Divorce Modifications

The relief that comes from finalizing a divorce is sometimes temporary. Life goes on, with near-infinite potential for twists and turns that make it necessary to re-enlist qualified legal counsel. This is especially true for divorces involving young children and complex support orders.

Child Support, Alimony, Parenting Time And Child Custody Modifications

For more than 35 years, accomplished lawyer and former psychotherapist Howard A. Gold has been providing insightful, reliable post-divorce counsel for people confronting situations such as:

  • A substantial change in financial circumstances for either parent, often arising from job loss, a promotion or health crisis
  • Significant changes in the needs of children that may justify an increase in child support
  • Concerns about children’s well-being due to a parent’s alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence or other serious issues

Parental Alienation · Enforcement Of Support Orders · Financial Disputes

Other post-divorce problems may demand a contempt action to enforce the terms of your divorce agreement. Examples include:

  • Inability to collect court-ordered child support or alimony or difficulty getting the other parent to allow you the time you deserve with your children
  • Relocations of one party can effect child support and/or alimony payments based on travel expenses
  • Failure of an ex-spouse to abide by other stipulations in the divorce decree, including those involving property division

Do You Need A Georgia Attorney For Your Contempt Motion?

Howard A. Gold and his support team take problems after divorce very seriously. You will benefit from his understanding of all sensitivities associated with your case and his tenacious advocacy to set things right. Modification and contempt cases are a significant focus of this practice, and Mr. Gold has both the psychiatric knowledge and litigation experience to deliver results for you. Mr. Gold also offers telephone consultations for therapists and social workers.

Whether your case calls for an Atlanta post-divorce modifications attorney, an experienced contempt lawyer or an analyst with insight into matters such as pornography, shopping or sex addiction, Howard A. Gold can provide the counsel you need. Within the Atlanta metro area or elsewhere in Georgia, call 404-692-6470.

After our divorce , my ex-husband encountered certain personal issues which affected our child. Your help in getting these issues resolved in a post divorce modification proceeding ensured that my child was safe and still was able to have a relationship with her father. Thank you!" BW