Trusted Legal Counsel Regarding Same-Sex Custody Issues

When the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the right of same-sex couples to marry in 2015, it also meant the laws that apply to divorce in Georgia for heterosexual couples also apply to same-sex couples. However, disputes regarding child custody and parenting plans in same-sex relationships can present unique challenges.

The legal team at Howard A. Gold, Attorney at Law, P.C., welcomes the opportunity to represent men and women who are ending a same-sex marriage or nonmarital relationship and who want to protect their parental rights.

Resolving Disputes Without Litigating

Whether or not you are your child’s biological parent, we know that most parents place a great deal of importance on maintaining a close relationship with their children following divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship. Mr. Gold strives to reach agreement in custody disputes without having to litigate. Doing so allows both parties to maintain more control over the outcome, keeps a child’s best interests as the priority, reduces the amount of stress involved and is usually significantly more cost-efficient than drawn-out litigation.

The firm can work to reach agreement with your child’s other parent through negotiation or guide you through mediation using a third-party neutral.

If a fair agreement cannot be reached amicably, it must be resolved through litigation. Mr. Gold is always prepared to protect your rights in court and will work to reach the best possible outcome.

Establishing That You Are A Legal Parent

There are many ways to become a child’s legal parent when you are not that child’s biological parent. You and your same-sex partner may have adopted a child together, you may have adopted your partner’s biological child through a stepparent adoption, or you and your same-sex partner may have had a newborn through surrogacy.

A child custody dispute becomes more complex if one party is a biological parent and the other party never formally adopted the child. In this situation, a nonbiological parent may have difficulty claiming rights regarding custody or visitation.

The Important First Step Is Contacting A Lawyer

Howard A. Gold has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding parental rights in same-sex relationships. Enlisting the firm’s help is the important first step to protecting your relationship with your child. Call 404-692-6470 to schedule a consultation.

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