Atlanta Family Law Attorney For Gay And Lesbian Couples

Howard A. Gold, Attorney at Law, P.C., is a deeply experienced and proven legal resource for people across the spectrum of life in Georgia. Mr. Gold and assistant Matthew J. “Matt” Villalobos treat clients of all backgrounds and preferences with the utmost care and respect as they drive toward achieving their critical goals involving children and assets.

Innovative, Results-Focused Advocacy By A Former Psychotherapist

LGBTQ couples and individuals turn to this law firm with confidence that their rights will be valued and aggressively represented. In fact, Mr. Gold represented a party in the first gay-parent custody case in the State of Georgia in a five-day trial, achieving a positive outcome for his client where one of the parties had adopted a child in another state and needed their custody rights established.

An LGBTQ Advocate You Can Trust

With same-sex marriage now legal in Georgia, Mr. Gold offers representation and consulting on prenuptial agreements, child custody, divorce, visitation, modifications, legitimations and child support matters for gay, lesbian and transgender clients. Even prior to the United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, Mr. Gold was able to provide effective legal services to his LGBTQ clients on family issues as well as division of property.

Even for LGBTQ individuals who do not wish to marry, Mr. Gold has expertise in drafting documents to protect an individual’s rights during long-term relationships.

Skilled Counsel In Parenting Rights Cases And Property Disputes

LGBTQ couples now face many complex issues that must be resolved through mediation or in the courts. Mr. Gold is impeccably prepared to explain and aggressively pursue clients’ rights in matters such as:

  • Complex custody situations such as the need to fight for a biological parent in a stable same-sex relationship to gain or retain custody
  • Asset and property division when a longtime gay or lesbian relationship comes to an end, in cases that may be complex and intensely disputed
  • Donor contracts

Many of this firm’s clients are referred to Mr. Gold by counselors and therapists who know his approach is balanced, informed and aggressive. As a former psychotherapist himself, Howard A. Gold is uniquely qualified to attack stereotypes that may be barriers in the legal process and to present the right evidence in support of your parenting abilities and legal rights.

To consult openly and directly with an experienced Atlanta family lawyer for gay and lesbian couples, please call 404-692-6470 or 800-639-9076 today.

Your advocacy and creativity during mediation resulted in a parenting plan for my former partner and myself that truly serves the best interest of our child. " - MG