Complex Assets Make For Complex Divorces

Getting Property Division Right Is Critical For The Next Stage Of Life

Many men and women who turn to Howard A. Gold for divorce counsel are highly educated professionals, executives and supportive spouses in high-income households. Mr. Gold has a well-earned reputation for diligence in analyzing financial matters and for firm, aggressive representation of each client’s interests.

If you have substantial property and assets, perhaps including ownership rights to a business, investment accounts and multiple pieces of real estate, it is essential to work with a knowledgeable Atlanta high-asset property division attorney.

Howard A. Gold has handled many financially complex divorces throughout Georgia during his 35 years in family law practice. Along the way, he has established many close relationships with other professionals whose work and testimony may prove critical for getting all you deserve.

Strong Relationships With Expert Resources · Dedicated To Protecting Your Financial Future

While it is never “all about the money,” the reality is that moving forward with stability and confidence after divorce may call for difference-making legal advocacy. Steps Mr. Gold will take to negotiate the best possible settlement or accomplish your goals through litigation may include:

  • Enlisting the services of a top-quality forensic accountant if necessary to trace assets you believe are being concealed or to establish your rights to certain marital property
  • Acquiring accurate professional appraisals of assets such as homes and other real property, a business or professional practice, stock options and investment accounts, jewelry, art collections and more
  • Advocating intelligently and effectively for you in any disputed matter of child support or alimony, ensuring that you maximize what you can fairly receive or pay no more than is necessary
  • Adeptly handling all issues associated with your 401(k), IRA, pension or other qualified retirement plan and other benefits
  • Obtaining the proper valuation of a family business or professional partnership and its impact on the division of marital property

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One certainty in virtually every divorce is that both parties’ financial circumstances will change substantially. For a lawyer who will approach your case with rigor and assert your financial interests at every turn, contact Howard A. Gold today at 404-692-6470.

I enjoyed working with you on [a client]'s case. I believe you won an outstanding settlement for her. In my opinion, she will receive the highest-quality assets from the marital assets available.Thankfully she did not receive any of the outstanding loans." - A client's financial advisor