Focused On Protecting Your Parental Rights

Child custody and parenting time are by far the most commonly disputed issues in Georgia divorce cases. Many fathers and mothers are understandably desperate to protect their most important relationships and their influence over their kids. They often have radically different views of what custody arrangement is in the children’s best interests.

An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Children As He Would For His Own

If you need strong, passionate legal representation to protect your children and parental rights, turn to Howard A. Gold, Attorney at Law, P.C. As an Atlanta child custody attorney with more than 35 years of experience — and a former psychotherapist — Mr. Gold is eminently qualified to evaluate your unique situation and skillfully target the best possible custody outcome.

A Proven Track Record In Complex, Intensely Contested Custody Cases

Mr. Gold is adept at explaining custody options and guiding parents who can reach an agreement on a sole custody, joint custody or shared physical and legal custody through the necessary legal steps, as well as legal tie-breaker authority with respect to education, medical, extracurricular, religion and psychiatric counseling. In all situations, he emphasizes achieving a workable outcome and minimizing trauma and disruption for each child. His proven strengths and capabilities extend across the spectrum of complicated matters, including:

  • Custody, parenting time (sometimes called visitation) and child support concerns, including support for children who are on the autistic spectrum or have other disabilities and special needs
  • Contested custody and parenting time cases involving unmarried parents, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) clients
  • Disputes over the parties’ mental health, substance abuse and fitness to parent — which may require your divorce lawyer to work skillfully with guardians ad litem, psychological evaluators, treatment specialists and other professionals
  • Relocation issues during or after divorce
  • Post-divorce custody modifications and contempt cases

Contact A Georgia Parenting Time Attorney Focused On Your Needs

Dedicated, widely respected Georgia family lawyer Howard A. Gold will do everything possible to protect your children and your future with them. To discuss your goals and legal options, request a consultation today by calling 404-692-6470 or 800-639-9076.

Your advocacy for my children in court was a watershed moment for them and for me." - BL.