Autistic And Special-Needs Children’s Issues In Georgia Family Law

If you are facing divorce and have vital concerns involving your autistic child or a child with developmental or medical needs, you may not find a more qualified attorney to help anywhere in Georgia than Howard A. Gold.

As a former psychotherapist with 35 years of experience handling complex divorces, Mr. Gold has extensive knowledge of children’s disabilities; available treatment, schooling and therapy options; their financial implications; and your viable legal options. He is highly regarded for providing firm, aggressive representation leading to positive outcomes for children and parents coping with serious adversity.

An Atlanta Divorce Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Child’s Interests As He Would For His Own Children

Every man or woman who retains this firm for legal guidance benefits from dedicated personal attention. Howard A. Gold will take the time to understand your unique challenges and relationships. He goes beyond diagnoses of autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other developmental delays to gain a full grasp of what is best for special-needs children and their families.

This knowledge and focus will prove critical to earning the best possible outcome in your case. Key issues we will address include:

  • The vision and hopes you have for your child and how best to achieve them
  • Arriving at a workable, productive custody arrangement, parenting time order and overall parenting plan suited to your needs
  • Departures from child support guidelines, payment of alimony or other steps that may be justified based on the demands of personally caring for your beloved special-needs child

Turn To An Aggressive Advocate For Your Personal And Financial Well-Being

Howard A. Gold maintains many strong relationships in the counseling and social work communities. He works collaboratively and effectively with doctors, therapists, social workers and other professionals who may have a pivotal impact on your case. Simply stated, he is an innovative leader when it comes to autistic/special-needs children’s issues in Georgia family law.

All divorces and custody matters are difficult. The decisions you must make as a loving parent of a child with a learning disability, debilitating physical illness or other medical condition may add great complexity to your situation. To consult directly with a lawyer who will prioritize your needs, in a setting conducive to real dialogue and progress, call 404-692-6470.

Your experience and understanding of my special needs child resulted in the court ordering financial support for the necessary therapies to move him forward in a meaningful way." - LW