Paternity Can Help Protect A Father’s Or Mother’s Rights

A party may wish to file a paternity or legitimization action to establish legal relationships between a father and his child.

In a paternity action, typically brought by the mother of the child, a paternity ruling will be made by the judge after DNA testing establishes the identity of the father. Once that determination is made, the biological father can be required to pay child support.

A legitimization action is brought exclusively by the father to legitimize the child as an heir to the father. Legitimization is also the gateway for a biological father to gain custody and visitation rights. A father must first legitimize the child before he can be granted parenting and visitation custody rights.

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Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf As a biological father who has gained legal rights to my child , I no longer feel tolerated when I wish to visit with my child. Now, I have legal rights which are enforceable!!" - CCS