Addiction Issues In Georgia Divorce And Custody

Among many problems that can make a marriage extremely painful and finally unsustainable, addiction stands out as especially challenging to address. It is also unfortunately common for a parent’s alcohol/drug abuse or other destructive behavior to make a change in custody or visitation orders necessary to protect children.

Insight, Compassion And Legal Skill To Help You Put Your Life Back Together

As a former psychotherapist and an attorney with more than 35 years of experience, Howard A. Gold is uniquely qualified to understand what you have been through with an alcoholic or drug-addicted spouse. He has deep, broad perspective on all types of addictions, including those that may be more difficult to establish such as sex, porn, shopping or video gaming addiction. Mr. Gold has served as Vice Chairman of the State Bar of Georgia Lawyer Impairment Committee and, as a therapist, received training in addiction pathology.

Mr. Gold also knows that not all suspected or alleged addictions are actual ones, and that not every questionable behavior should have an impact on a divorce outcome or custody dispute. You can turn to this law firm for caring, balanced personal attention focused on protecting your children, your rights and your future..

A Proven Atlanta Family Law Attorney With Extensive Knowledge Of Addiction

You may have spent years or decades tolerating abuse and suffering other consequences of your husband’s or wife’s addiction. You may have tried many times to persuade him or her to get counseling or substance abuse treatment. Points to consider as you seek legal representation include:

  • Fault is a consideration in many Georgia divorces, and habitual intoxication and habitual drug addiction are specifically named as grounds for divorce.
  • Gaining admission of an addiction and assembling evidence of addiction for presentation in court are tough challenges that may demand a lawyer with relevant psychiatric credentials.
  • Special conditions for child-related visitation by addicted parent can include testing regimes, and treatment may be warranted.

Questions About Addiction Issues In Georgia Divorce And Custody?

People who need representation to get out of an emotionally damaging, destructive marriage turn with confidence to Howard A. Gold. He is also prepared to advocate assertively for you if your spouse is falsely claiming you have an alcohol, drug, pornography or other addiction to gain leverage in your divorce or custody matter. Mr. Gold has helped many men and women obtain justified post-divorce modifications as well.

For a consultation on your own case or to talk through legal concerns you have encountered as a counselor or therapist, call 404-692-6470 today.

i so appreciate you. [My son] graduated from UGA in December and I am the happiest client you will ever have. I owe so much to you; your encouragement gave me the strength to move out with my son from a dysfunctional and alcoholic home...You will always be a person I hold very dear to my heart. you saved my life." - S.K.