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Family conflicts leading to marital dissolution, custody disputes and problems after divorce can all be personally overwhelming. Working with the right lawyer may be critical not only for protection of children and financial interests, but also to help you move forward into a brighter, more productive future.

A Former Psychotherapist Practicing Law In Georgia For More Than 35 Years

Fulton County-based family law attorney Howard A. Gold has tremendous insight into the trauma faced by people in a vast range of dysfunctional family situations. He is known statewide as a firm, aggressive advocate for his clients in divorce and as an invaluable resource for therapists and social workers in need of legal guidance.

Ready To Represent You In A Full Range Of Family Law Matters

No family law matter is too sensitive or complex for Mr. Gold to confront skillfully and decisively. His decades of experience in the law and in dealing with mental health issues are tremendous assets for the people this firm protects. Long-established areas of strength include:

Solutions Start With A Consultation

Whatever your greatest concerns in this traumatic time, you will be treated with care and respect when you turn to Howard A. Gold, P.C. Mr. Gold is respected in the courts and adept at working with other experts to achieve positive results for his clients. This firm proudly serves a diverse clientele in terms of race, religion, gender and sexual preference.

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Words cannot express how thankful I am and how good I feel now!" - C.C.