Few of life’s challenges create greater stress than the prospect or reality of divorce. Family law problems outside of divorce can also profoundly impact your relationships, children, finances and overall future. These factors make your choice of an attorney absolutely critical.

Across more than three decades focused exclusively on Georgia family law and related matters, attorney Howard A. Gold has built a stellar reputation in the courts and community. To his many satisfied clients, Mr. Gold is the man who empowered them to successfully transition into the next chapter of their lives.

A Former Psychotherapist Who Capably Addresses Complex Issues

Some lawyers are skilled in dealing with strictly practical aspects of divorce, but not equipped to confront pivotal mental health concerns. As a former psychotherapist, Mr. Gold is an outstanding advocate for people dealing with domestic abuse, addiction within the family and a range of other issues. Favorably resolving difficult child custody cases involving children with disabilities and special needs is an important part of his law practice.

While most divorces are ultimately settled through negotiation or mediation, all cases require careful evaluation and thorough preparation. Some are so divisive that trial is the only path to resolution. Mr. Gold has handled more than 500 such complex cases.

He stands up and fights for his clients’ parental rights, financial interests and overall well-being in post-divorce life. The firm handles a wide range of divorces, from amicable to intensely contested cases. Mr. Gold will protect your rights regarding custody, parenting time, alimony and child support, as well as post-divorce issues such as relocation or enforcement of orders.

A Divorce Lawyer You Can Turn To With Confidence

This firm serves clients throughout the Atlanta metro area and elsewhere in Georgia. Call 404-692-6470 to schedule a consultation.

You helped save my life! Thank you for your help with my divorce. Every day I wake up happy, safe, and free!” – S.K.